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Syndicated Reviews & Their Benefits for CRO and Product Sales

How Do Syndicated Reviews Help CRO and Sales?


  1. 95% of shoppers read online reviews.
  2. Syndicated reviews will establish a consistent rating across all review platforms.
  3. CRO increases sales from existing visitors.


Syndicated product reviews can give a major boost by increasing conversion rate optimization and bringing in more sales. Today’s customers can afford to be pickier than ever. Rather than running to the electronics store to pick up a set of headphones, or stopping by the grocery store to get some peanut butter, customers can now head to the internet to choose from seemingly endless options in any product category.


That one brand of peanut butter is now competing with organic peanut butter, no-stir peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, low-fat peanut butter powder, and a slew of other peanut butter renditions.


So how can businesses keep up in such a cut-throat marketplace?

What Are Syndicated Reviews?

Customers heavily rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions. In fact, almost 95% of shoppers read online reviews before they buy something. But while they love reading reviews, most customers don’t want to take the time to leave a review themselves. This can make it extremely difficult for companies to build their online reviews, especially when there is an increasing number of product review platforms to focus on. Even companies putting a great deal of time and money on these efforts may be frustrated with the results.


Luckily, syndicated reviews can ease the process of building a reputation online. By sourcing reviews from other product review platforms, syndicated reviews allow companies to get a steady flow of reviews without putting so much energy into getting customers to leave reviews on several different review sites. Syndicated reviews are sent out to multiple review sites at once, and can even be sourced from product manufacturers or other retail websites.

How Syndicated Reviews Impact CRO

It is easy to imagine how powerful syndicated reviews can be. Simply having more reviews leads to more conversions, since consumers trust the recommendation of other consumers—even if they’ve never met them.


But how exactly do syndicated reviews impact CRO? Here’s the skinny: companies who use syndicated reviews will establish a consistent rating across all review platforms. They’ll also increase the number of reviews they have on any given platform, and increase their review count on Google Seller Ratings when they use Google Adwords.


All of these factors will work together to build trust and establish authority, even as consumers quickly scan through search results. Those consumers will be more likely to click through and make a purchase because the syndicated reviews have led them to trust the business more. This cycle will positively impact CRO over time.

How CRO Impacts Product Sales

If a higher number of consumers are visiting your website, you will probably get more conversions out of the increased traffic. But improving CRO allows you to increase your conversion rate with the traffic you already have coming to your website.


Now, there are many types of conversions that you might measure on your website. But whether your CRO improves for consumers adding products to their cart, putting an item on the wishlist, or even just signing up for email, all of these will improve the shopper experience and ultimately lead to more sales.


And when more of your existing website visitors start making purchases, you will be able to exponentially increase product sales without having to work as hard to get more visitors to your page. 

Improve Your CRO Today

Does your business want to boost CRO rates and increase product sales? Check out Shopper Approved and start reaping the benefits of syndicated reviews. Our review software is just what you need to finally bring in more reviews and build customer trust, without all of the time and effort.


We have one of the largest distribution networks, meaning your 5-star reviews will show up on all the major review platforms, including Google, Yahoo, CitySearch, and more. We can even help you send out custom surveys and take care of customer resolution. Learn more about how we can help you improve CRO and bring in more sales with the power of syndicated reviews.

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by DJ Sprague


Duane "DJ" Sprague is a member of the Forbes Communications Council, a contributor to several marketing textbooks, a past marketing columnist for the retail automotive industry, a national speaker, and holds a master's degree in Integrated Marketing.

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