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10 Reasons Why Having More Reviews in More Places is Absolutely Critical to your Online Success

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, there are multiple reasons why and how more reviews improve sales, and how reputation can drive nearly every aspect of a company’s performance: “Firms with strong positive reputations attract better people. They are perceived as providing more value, which often allows them to charge a premium. Their customers are more loyal…”


How To Get Google Reviews

Getting more Google reviews for your business may seem like a tough code to crack, but we’re here with a word of good news: you don’t need to be an expert cryptographer to solve this marketing challenge. With a little education and a lot of consistency using the steps below, you’ll be well on your way to garnering an impressive collection of Google reviews…


The Nine Things you should ALWAYS do when Responding to 1 and 2 Star Reviews

As a business owner, one of the worst feelings is getting a 1 or 2-star rating and review from an upset customer.  Whenever one of these bad ratings comes through, it’s natural to go through a range of mixed emotions; from shock, to anger, to fear, to frustration, and back to anger again.  But very rarely is empathy brought into play, which is the ONE emotion that makes all the difference…


How To Ask Customers For Reviews? Top 12 Tips

Online reviews are a powerful way to help your company grow, but the majority of customers simply don’t take the time to leave a review on their own accord. Luckily, asking for reviews in the right way can greatly increase the number of online reviews you get every month. But there’s definitely an art in how to ask for a review…


How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Forbes Magazine, Gallup, Harvard Business Review and Pew Research all say that we are in “nothing short of a trust crises.”  People are looking for organizations they can trust, and 31% of consumers polled are even willing to pay more for it. 

Responding to Reviews: Why, When, and How

Whether you pay attention to them or not, reviews are now a key element of your brand’s reputation and online success. Customers head to the internet to tell the world what they think about your website experience, product and customer service, and shoppers use those reviews to determine where they will buy, and who they will avoid…


The History Of Online Reviews And How They Have Evolved

Before the glorious invention of the internet, if we wanted to know about the quality or reputation of a business or product, we had to ask around in person. Hoping to find someone we knew and trusted that had knowledge or experience with the company or product. This type of research could take days, weeks, or even months, and often turned out to be completely fruitless..


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